Food and Beverages

Concessions Menu

 Hamburger Cheeseburger Hot Dog Chili Cheese Dog
  Nachos Cheese Fries Fries Pickle on a stick

  Funnel Cakes Fried Twinkies Fried Oreos  Turkey Legs
 Pulled Pork Sandwich Sammie Special: Fries, nacho cheese, side of BBQ sauce   Jalapenos upon request

    Concessions Menu for Drinks

     Canned Soda  Bottled Water Coffee  Hot Chocolate
    Hot / Cold Apple Cider   Child size carton of milk - regular or chocolate

    Found on Mainstreet 

     Dippin' Dots  Beer and Wine at the Saloon  Apple Cider Donuts
    Homemade Fudge  Canned Jams, Preserves, Butters, Sauces, Salsas, Honey, & Veggies 

    Lemonade Stands 

    Cotton Candy  Lemonade & Strawberry Lemonade Regular, Carmel, & Carmel Apple Kettle Corn