Live Show Schedule

Thursday and Friday Live Show Schedule

Thursday and Friday:

Noon - Pig Race

1 PM - Candy Cannon

2 PM - Firetruck Pumpkin Drop (Friday Only)

3 PM - Pig Race

4 PM - Candy Cannon

5 PM - Pig Race

*Hay Wagon ride will be ran after every event and return before the following one.

Saturday & Sunday Live Show Schedule

12pm - Pig Race

1pm - Candy Cannon

2pm - Firetruck Pumpkin Drop

3pm - Mainstreet Shootout

4pm - Pig Race

5pm - Candy Cannon

6pm - Pig Race

*Hay Wagon & Mine Cart ride run every half hour and load by the corn maze.

Please Take Caution: Hollywood guns are used at the creek if you get on the mine cart ride. If you are sensitive to loud sounds then ride the hay wagon instead. Both go to the creek for panning for gemstones.